Thursday, March 26, 2020

Canada student visa refusal appeal

Mostly Indians pay their visit to the Canada, as it is one of biggest hub for many of students
and there, they turn their dreams into reality. Every single day and hour, there is an appeal
for the visa but before you receive your visa into hands. You also need to provide your
whole information properly and then you can live your dream. Canada is not just a study
hub but a way to accomplish dream and many of students have even accomplished their
dreams there.
sample caips file canada study visa
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Thus, if any student is planning to migrate to Canada then the time has come collecting all
the important documents. Canada is a good scope for such students who see their future in
science, advancement, engineering or mathematics which is also known as STEM. The places
are full of such opportunities where students might definitely create something unique
besides getting proper education into their respective fields.

Canada visa requirements

If you have determined your purpose of visiting to Canada you must also start preparing
your documents and these are legal documents which will be asked. Here is the list –
  1.  Birth certificate
  2.  Your passport
  3. Then proof of the paid Canada visa fees
  4. Accurate Canada visa application form
  5.  Police clearances certificate
  6. Health certificate
  7. Identity and civil status documents
  8.  Proof of the financial means
  9. Returning proof since the day you visit there.
  10. Supporting letter or the invitation letter
  11. Clear financial statement

Other important details

Yes, besides those documents there are many things which will be asked to you. So you
need to keep everything clean and clear so that you do not get any trouble in offering them.
  •  Name of applicant
  •  Your birth date
  • Phone number and address
  • Your staying duration in Canada
  •  Place, where you would stay and returning plan
  • Your relationship with the person in whose house you are going to live
  • And letter from that person
  • How would you support yourselves there?

Detailed reasons of rejection

Well, applying for the visa is as easy as receiving rejection for the visa. Thousands of people
apply for the visa but not all get approval.
 Language barrier – Whenever anyone is moving out from the country language becomes
one of phobia. And especially if you are going to Canada and there you need to know
English language because those who are non- native English speaking students. They will
be asked to give proof of English language proficiency.
 Incomplete documents – This is also one another important which you cannot miss at
any cost. Sometimes, students miss filling up forms thinking that some blanks are not
necessary to be filled. When students submit form half field that also becomes the
reason of getting visa rejected.
Letter of acceptance – Yes, sometimes what happens that students fill up form with full
information and the only thing which becomes reason of rejection is their invitation
letter. They do not receive invitation letter and that is where they have to go through
rejection. Make sure you get your letter so that while applying for the visa you easily
provide your visa officer with full information.
 Insufficient family ties to the home country – It would definitely create issues if you do
not explain this reason pretty well. When you are going to show them invitation letter
then you will also be asked your relationship with the person if you are going to stay
there. Or just in case, you do not have any family members there in Canada that will be
one of weakest point for you.
 Inadequate travel history - Are you a first timer? Then dear, this might create some
trouble for you. Basically, this will not be big issue on your way but this may be an issue
on your way. Although, this can be reason for those who have just completed their high
school and applied for education in other country. So authority would only check some
important thins rather making it an issue.
Proper bank balance – Bank balance in such situation becomes an important thing to
keep in mind otherwise it would have some great repercussions if you are applying for
the visa. Visa officer would definitely check your bank statement before allowing you to
go there and study. They make sure that you are able in paying your expenses there

Things to keep in the mind while applying for Canada Visa

Many students have this superficial confidence that they will not get any issues when they
would apply for the visa. But as it has already been cleared that it is not even that much
easy. You need have all the documents authentic and well arranged otherwise stop thinking about going there. But if you keep everything well prepared then congratulations you have
won your half journey.
Special cases
Appeal against study permit refusal –
This can be done and students can surely make an appeal to the federal court of Canada.
And just in case if your visa gets disapproved then this option can be done. You can again
submit your new application then and apply for the visa again. Well, you are already
abundant with those of needs then you will not require going for this option.
Canada study refusal letter

The time from 2009 to 2013 many students have applied for the visa to study there. And
only 400, 00 students get permission for their visa and go out there. From 25 to 27 percent
students’ visa gets rejected and once they get rejection. It is like a blemish on their visa
appeal. So it is better you take all the required precautions before you apply. Collect all the
important documents so that when you apply for the visa you do not get any trouble. You
just apply and your visa gets approved.
NOTE: - This is to notify you that, before submitting your documents make sure you cross
check them. Only then apply and submit your documents.However if you had a prior refusal history make sure to double check your previous file with the help of Caips notes .